Christian Wilson was born on January 30, 1947 in Portland Oregon, USA.

After retiring from the Navy and State of Oregon, Christian moved into the world of entertainment with a small gig in the TV series Grimm.

He is an actor and producer, recently known for Pig (2020), All Together Now (2020) and The Dark Divide (2020).

Status:  Active
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Jacket: 41  Neck: 17  Sleeve:  
Waist: 36  Inseam: 32  Shoe: 10.5 
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Documentary Now

The Quiet Crowd


Pretty Little Liars
The Perfectionist

All Together Now

Available for short notice casting calls 24/7

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Languages: English

Background Acting and Featured Extra
[TBA = Non-discloser until released]
Year Media Title Role Cast
2020 TV Series TBA Veteran Featured Extra 
2020 Short Film - Music Kisses Producer
2020 Film "Christmas Freak" Background
2020 TV Series "Chad" Teacher/Parent Background +car

2019 Film "All Together Now" - Formally "Sorta Like a Rock Star" Background
2019 Film "Pig" ScoreKeeper Featured Extra
2019 Commercial 2020 Census Photo Shoot
2019 TV Series "Shrill" Ad Exec, Doctor Background 2 Episodes
2019 Film "Happenstance" Background, Stand in
2019 Film "Dark Divide" Background
2019 Film "The Quiet Crowd"" Art Critic Featured Extra
2019 Film "JAG" Kinematics Background
2019 Pilot "Stumptown" Background +Car

2018 TV Series "Pretty Little Liars - The Perfectionist" Season 1 Ep.2 Funeral Director Featured Extra
2018 Film "Getting by with a Little Help" Background
2018 Film "Tagged" Background
2018 TV Series "Documentary Now" Background 2 Episodes
2018 Pilot "Staties" Background

2017 Film "The Circuit" Background (Pending)
2017 Film "Figment: the first imaginary friend exterminator" Background/Executive Director
2017 Film "Nexus" Motion Capture
2017 Film "Closer" Producer

2014 TV Series "Grimm" Season 4 Ep 7 Background
Non-production staff Current Occupation: Retired + background actor
Place of Employment: Web design side business